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Do you know who is hosting your website domain? Is it registered in your name? Can you remember the login details? Whom do you call when your site goes down? Has it been properly backed up? Are you able to load your own content onto your site? What if you want to fire your webmasters, will they willingly hand over control of the site to you?

Most business owners don’t think about these issues until they run into trouble. But we pay very close attention because we so often have to sort out these kinds of problems for new clients who come to us in desperation.

At The Framework we ensure that you will never experience any downtime on your website. As custodians of your digital assets, we promise you full transparency of ownership and full commitment to ensuring the best possible performance of your platforms at all times.

We are good at many things – beautiful design, trouble-free functionality, cost-effective solutions, delightful customer engagement. But what we are best at is understanding what your customers need from you and what you need for your business, and then dedicating our efforts to delivering lasting benefits for all.

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